Low Taxes

Top Schools

Safe Neighborhoods

NO to Cityhood

*  5 Term State Representative (E. Cobb) 

*  Deputy GOP Whip

*  Ranking Republican - Ways & Means committee (tax committee)        

*  "Legislator of the Year" GA Assoc of Taxpayers                 

​*  "GA Legislator of the Year" Eagle Forum (Education)         

*  95%+ Small Business voting record - NFIB 

* Married 33+ years, 3 children, 2 grandsons

* M.B.A. Finance, B.A. Economics

Gov. Zell Miller regarding Mitchell: 

"A tough adversary. A great ally.

One who always does his homework." 

Rep. Kaye, guest speaker at Timber Ridge celebration

Eastside Baseball with Coach Kaye

"I saw first hand how Mitchell grasped complex policy issues and often worked with legislators across the aisle for the benefit of the community."

State Rep. Vance Smith (R-Pine Mountain)

former Head, Georgia Department of Transportation

"Mitchell was part of the GOP leadership team and an indispensable source of advice and guidance to me when I was the Georgia House GOP leader."

Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA)

Kaye's public safety legislation signed into law.

Amy and I have been blessed to live and raise our

family in East Cobb for over 30 years in Chadds Walk

Effective Conservative Leadership

Mitchell Kaye for State Representative

Thank YOU - We Won!

"For creativity and persistence, you have to admire state Rep. Mitchell Kaye ... in the scheme of things, if you're the bad guy, he's not the detective you want on your trail."   Jim Wooten, former Atlanta Journal's editorial page editor

Mitchell Kaye for State Representative
2137 Spindrift Court | Marietta, GA 30062  | (770) 998-6694


Mitchell Kaye is "an articulate and shrewd legislator who jealously guards taxpayers' pocketbooks."  

Atlanta Journal

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Thank YOU!

Welcome to my campaign website that is a work in progress.  It is my hope that this site will be of assistance to you in learning more about me, my record and the issues that are important as I campaign to be your next State Representative.

As many know, I am not a status quo type individual, but a thinker, a doer and a consensus builder, without compromising my political or personal integrity. 

In these difficult political times, proven effective leadership is needed more than ever. Now is not the time for on-the-job training! 

I have a record: less taxes, less government, improved academic performance, fighting crime, reducing our transportation congestion and being a good steward over our environment and natural resources for future generations. More personal responsibility, greater individual freedoms and stronger families form the basis of my beliefs. I have been a strong advocate for greater government transparency and responsiveness and for the right of the people to determine their own form of government.  

Click here for my NO position on the May 24th City of East Cobb referendum.

Please call or e-mail as I am always pleased to hear about issues that concern YOU. Your input and feedback will allow me to better represent
you on the issues important to all of us.  I LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU!